Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8

Hello families–please see the message from the ICSAtlanta PTO below:

Hello ICSAtlanta Families!
We hope that this email finds you and your families well during this period.
The end of the year is sneaking up on us, and the PTO is working on ways to show our teachers and staff how much we truly appreciate them and all of their hard work before this school year is behind us. Meanwhile, please don’t forget that next week (May 4-8) is Teacher Appreciation week and I know that our teachers would love to know how much we adore them! Feel free to do that individually, or through your Room Parents.
Also, the Six Flags Read To Succeed Program deadline has been extended to May 4th. The latest email had this note:
           We will have your certificates read to download from the website on May 6. Please note that we need to do things a little differently this year. As you may be aware, our parks are currently closed and we don’t yet know for sure when we will open. That means we can’t put valid dates on the tickets yet since we want to be sure that we can give your students plenty of time to visit the park.

We’ve come up with the following solution: Instead of giving you tickets to give your students, we’re going to send you certificates with a special code your students can use to access their tickets online. This guarantees that they can download their ticket as soon as it becomes available. It also means that you will be able to send your students their certificate as you have in the past. We’ll send more details on May 6.

Please keep ICSAtlanta in mind when shopping!! See our fundraising link on the PTO website icsatlantapto.org/fundraising
  • Publix – Every time you shop at Publix, enter your customer ID (normally your phone number) on the pin pad and the ICSAtlanta PTO will receive a percentage back. (IMPORTANT: this has to be set up one time each year in July/August on the Publix website. You’ll need to sign in/create an account, and under My Account – My Publix Partner – Select a School) – Publix Step-by-Step
  • Kroger – Every time you shop, swipe your Kroger card, or scan the barcode on your app, or use your alternate ID on the pin pad, and the ICSAtlanta PTO will receive a percentage back. (IMPORTANT: this has to be set up one time on the Kroger website under My Account – Account Summary – Community Rewards – choose International Charter School of Atlanta) – Kroger Step-by-Step
  • Amazon Smile – When you shop on Amazon, make sure you go to smile.amazon.com. There’s a one-time set up where you can select the “International Charter School of Atlanta”, and our school will receive a percentage back from Amazon. IMPORTANT – you have to remember to go to smile.amazon.com. Also, if using the Amazon app to shop, please note that Amazon Smile is not an option.

Digital Learning Schedules

Hello Parents and Students-

As you know, ICSAtlanta’s building will be closed from March 16-March 27 but we will have LIVE on-line sessions daily through Google Hangouts.

What will your child need to do each day?
(1) Login to their ICSAtlanta Google account.
(2) Check Core Google Classrooms (Social Studies, Science, Math, ELA, and L2; please note that L3, DLI, and connections classes will not have assignments), and complete all assignments given for the day. Please note that these assignments will be graded.
(3) Sign-on to their teachers’ live Google Hangouts sessions at the time given in the schedules attached (and on the Google Calendar invitation that will be sent to students’ and parents’ emails). Students schedules are attached below.

Please note that all class sessions will be recorded, and though the expectation is for students to join the live class sessions, if they are unable to do so, the recorded sessions will be available by the next day on the teacher’s Google Classroom.  Additionally, if students misbehave and cause disruptions (unmuting and making noises, sharing images with the class without permission, etc), he or she will be removed by the teacher from the session, and the student will need to watch the recorded session later.  Should this happen, at the conclusion of the session, the parent will be notified.

Additionally, as we have now enabled Google Hangouts for all UC students, they will now have the ability to “chat” with each other on this platform.  This was not enabled previously, so we want to let parents know about this change.  Your student will only be able to “chat” with other UC ICSAtlanta students, not anyone outside of our school.

Also, teachers will NEVER ask a student for a private online conversation or to do their assignment in a private place or without parent/family knowledge (though we do suggest a distraction-free environment!) Families, please monitor your child’s online use during this time!

Students LIVE session learning schedules:

6th Grade Schedule

AC 6th Grade Schedule (for students in Accelerated Math–7th period)

7th Grade Schedule

AC 7th Grade Schedule (for students in Accelerated ELA (5th period ELA) and/or Accelerated Math (4th period Math)

8th Grade Schedule

AC 8th Grade Schedule  (for students in Accelerated ELA (4th period ELA) and/or Algebra)

Silent Auction Information

Hello all,

Now that the race has been canceled and school will be closed, I wanted to reach out to all of you directly about the Silent Auction. At this time, we do not have a definite date for the Silent Auction and we do not know exactly when everything will be happening.
 I do know that you all have made a great effort to share with your classes the basket themes and have rallied the troops to collect items for the baskets! If you have collected items or asked for items to be collected, please either hold on to the items or encourage your class parents to hold on to the items.
 Once we return to school, we will send out an email updating everyone on basket due dates and when the Silent Auction will be held. We will also let you know if we will need volunteers to help put everything together.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all you do throughout the year!
Be well!

PTO: Upcoming events

ICSAtlanta Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night on Tuesday, March 10:
Let Chick-fil-A do the cooking on Tuesday night! Join us in store or simply go through the drive thru at the Chick-Fil-A on North Point Parkway (6085 N Point Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA 30022) anytime between 4 PM – 7 PM.  A portion of what you spend will be donated back to the ICSAtlanta PTO and support our school. More details on this event and others are available on our website: www.icsatlantapto.org.
The next Teacher Appreciation luncheon is Wednesday March 11th, please take the time to check out the SignUp Genius. Any help in any form is appreciated!! click here to see the SignUp Genius: 4090c49a5a82aa4fb6-upper18
Thank you for all that you do!
ICSAtlanta PTO

Mardi Gras celebration!

Dear ICSAtlanta Parents,
Our annual celebration of Carnival is right around the corner!  We will celebrate Carnival on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, in our language classrooms. Please note, if your child is not participating in the outlined dress-up options, your child needs to come to school in his/her school uniform. Additionally, please keep in mind that leggings or form-fitting pants of any material type are not considered pants. In other words, if your child chooses to wear leggings, they must wear appropriately-length shorts or skirts over them. 

Spanish:As Carnival in Spanish-speaking countries is typically very colorful, students in the Spanish track may dress in jeans with colorful t-shirts. Students will create masks in their classes.


Students in the French track are encouraged to dress up as knights, queens, and kings.


Students in the German track may dress as children do for Carnival in the German-speaking countries. Costumes are usually simple and may involve some face paint. Masks are not typically needed (e.g. instead of wearing a lion mask, the face would be painted as a lion face). Please remember that costumes should be funny/happy rather than scary.

Here are some suggestions

Jobs (e.g. baker, police officer, firefighter, etc.)

Animals (e.g. cat, lion, panda, etc.)

Magical (e.g. witch, wizard, fairy, etc.)

Story or Book Characters (e.g. princess, prince, Pippi Longstocking, etc.)


Choose one of the options above.

Please note:

– Students are not allowed to bring toy weapons (e.g. swords, knives, guns, etc).

– Whole-face masks are also not allowed.

PTO Announcements

Wednesday February 12th is our Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon! Please check the Sign Up Genius link to see how you can help out. They absolutely love these lunches!
                 LOWER CAMPUS
                  UPPER CAMPUS
Also Wednesday February 12th stop by Kendra Scott in Avalon from 6-8pm to shop and ICSAtlanta will receive 20% of the proceeds! Just in time for Valentine’s Day !!
📣Please note that right after Winter Break, February 25th at 6:30pm the PTO will hold a Membership meeting at the UC Cafeteria
6th grade parents:
Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade are encouraged to read 360 minutes and earn a free ticket to Six Flags over Georgia.
New this year:  e-Reading Logs!  Now parents can log their students’ reading time into an online reading log directly into the Six Flags website! Teachers will be able to review and approve the e-Reading Logs submitted by the parents.  No more lost or late paper logs!
Parents, please
* Register using the link  sixflags.com/books
* Use International Charter School Of Atlanta’s code: WDV1X
* Choose your child’s teacher from the drop down menu
* Start logging their reading progress
Deadline is April 2020.

Milestones Practice Website

Dear parents,
As the GaDOE mandates online test administration of the Milestones, ICSAtlanta will participate by testing all students online during the spring administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessment.
The information below is provided to assist you and your student in becoming familiar with the features of online testing.
  •  A website, called Experience Online Testing Georgia, has been established to provide an opportunity for students to become familiar with the online testing platform. The website can be found at http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/. This practice site does not require a login and is available 7 days a week. This practice site is not designed as a “practice test” to measure a student’s knowledge of course content and scores will not be generated. Again, it is intended to allow students to familiarize themselves with the online platform prior to testing.
  • We will also set up practice sessions in March during the school day to provide students opportunities to acquaint themselves with the online testing system.
  • We will also set up a Test Practice via the actual testing site that will let the students go through a mock session of testing.
Middle School Teachers